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… A few Months Later

It has been a while since I have posted here. So much has happened in the last 4 months.

I will start posting again with updates about the projects I am working on.

so.. stay tuned…

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Characters Approved!

There are only two characters in this music video and Romeo seems happy  with the design for the girl. Since the other character is just a cartoon version of him I think we are good to go.

I actually feel like making a few small changes to the girl but I will wait until I am animating her. I figure I can start doing Romeo’s parts now and get to her later.

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Well this is it…

It is July 1st and I plan to really get into this video project… I have the story mostly figured out and I will start sketching it all out today… I had to stop thinking in a straight line and start thinking out of order.

It will all make since when I am done… Hopefully

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The Concept

so today I will be writing out the concept and finishing up the sketches for the characters… I hope to have it all sent out so Romeo can give a thumbs up and I can start animating…

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The Perfect Woman…

So I get a call a week ago from Romeo Miller… He is working on a new album and he wants to do an animated music video for one of his songs… So I figure “why not” and if I am gonna do this…why not make it interesting. So yeah, I plan on making updates here and sharing my progress as I make the video. The first thing I have to do is design the “Perfect Woman” for the video… :)